Scientific Scope

Phaon aims at…
…increasing patient benefit through addressing medical need with selection of effective agents
… personalizing therapy through individualized, biomarker-driven treatments concepts that address breast cancer heterogeneity
… accelerating drug development through introduction of early study endpoints (including early biological signals and clinical efficacy endpoints)

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Scientific Research

Breast cancer …
… is the most common cancer among women and one in eight women will eventually be diagnosed with the disease.
… prognosis has improved steadily. However, yet 1 in 10 breast cancer patients die within 5 years after primary diagnosis
… is composed of several (molecularly distinct) subtypes. These subtypes require molecular, personalized and individualized treatment concepts.
… presents with a large number of molecular targets. An increasing number of substances warrant novel scientific approaches to individualized therapy

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Our Vision/Mission

Phaon scientific is a study development group offering a platform for professionals to discuss, promote, and perform research in the field of oncology.

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A study is as good as it's design.

First: Develop

We develop comprehensive and thorough trial concepts.

Then: Execute

We make sure that trial costs stay focused on essential aspects.

Studies become more complex and underlie more regulations.

Finalized and ready to publish: Let's spread knowledge.

Last Step: Publish

We ensure timely reporting and dissemination of study results.