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Foundation of Phaon


Formation of a legal entity


First Clinical Concepts in Development

About us


Phaon scientific is a study development group offering a platform for professionals to discuss, promote, and perform research in the field of oncology.

This is achieved via the development and supervision of clinical trials and the dissemination of results. Phaon also promotes a complementary translational research structure. The company is located in Wiesbaden, Germany.
Currently the regulatory environment to perform clinical trials is becoming more complex, making clinical trials more expensive and organizationally challenging. Phaon will address this challenge by working in a strategic alliance with palleos healthcare GmbH, which will act as a sponsor and contract research organization to professionally perform the research devised on the Phaon platform.

From a scientific perspective, a study is as good as its design and the compliance with this design during execution. As a consequence, Phaon aims to design trials that are feasible from a product, scientific, execution, patient, and investigator perspective. The goal is to create innovative study designs addressing novel and current research questions while being clinically relevant and providing high quality (re)usable data.

Key Values


Phaon scientific’s key values are


  1. Professional execution
  2. Transparent communication
  3. Excellence in delivery
  4. Commitment to engagement

Our Vision


Phaon’s vision is to establish a scientific platform for the exploration of gynecological oncology at benefit of the patient.




Bridging idea and impact of clinical trials.

The Team

Prof. Dr. med. Cornelia Kolberg-Liedtke

Prof. Dr. med. Cornelia Kolberg-Liedtke is Phaon’s General Manager & Scientific Director. She is an experienced translational researcher with 10 years of clinical trial experience. She has in depth knowledge in the field of gynecology and a strong international research network. She is a member of the AGO (German Association of Gynecological Oncology) Breast Committee, where she is currently acting as the responsible coordinator for various areas in breast cancer treatment recommendations.

Over 15 Years of Medical Experience in Clinical Research

Dr. Philip Räth

Dr. Philip Räth is the Managing Director of Phaon. He has over 5 years’ experience in clinical research as co-founder of palleos healthcare GmbH, specifically in business development and data management. He is a member of the GAMP DACH group. His function comprises the oversight of business development, commercial, and financial operations. He holds a doctor’s degree in the area of Management Information Systems obtained at the EBS (European Business School) in Germany.

Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. Hans-Christian Kolberg

Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. Hans-Christian Kolberg is Phaon’s Clinical Director. He focuses on clinical aspects and feasibility questions regarding study projects. Currently, he is Head of the department of Gynecology and Obstetrics at the Marienhospital in Bottrop, a teaching hospital for the University of Essen-Duisburg medical school. He held the position principal investigator in over 40 clinical trials in breast cancer and gynecological oncology, summing 15 years of clinical research experience. He adds clinical experience and sound research focus to the team.

Over 10 Years of Clinical Experience

Renate Walter-Kirst

Renate Walter-Kirst is the Operations Director of Phaon. She is responsible for overseeing implementation of regulatory and operational aspects in clinical concepts. Overall, she has over 25 years of experience in national and global upper management positions. She has acquired her university education at EBS (European Business School), Oestrich-Winkel and Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany. As co-founder of palleos healthcare GmbH and founder of the CRO SKM (merger with i3 in 2005), she has in-depth knowledge in building, leading, and managing companies in clinical research.

The Phaon Scientific Board

Prof. Dr. Bahriye Aktas, Head of Universitätsfrauenklinik Leipzig

Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. Ramona Erber, Institute of Pathology, University Clinic Erlangen

Prof. Dr. Andreas Hartkopf, Head of Gyn. Oncology Universitätsfrauenklinik Tübingen

Prof. Dr. Arndt Hartmann, Director, Institute of Pathology, University Clinic Erlangen

Prof. Dr. Sabine Kasimir-Bauer, Head of Scientific Laboratory Universitätsfrauenklinik Essen (Translational Research)

Prof. Dr. Michael Lux, Head of Frauenklinik St. Vincenz Krankenhaus Paderborn

Prof. Dr. Eugen Ruckhäberle, Head of Gyn. Oncology Uniklinikum Düsseldorf

Prof. Dr. Florian Schütz, Head Breast Cancer Center Diakonissen-Stiftungs-Krankenhaus Speyer

Prof. Dr. Markus Wallwiener, Coordinating Head of Gyn. Malignancies Universitätsfrauenklinik Heidelberg


Prof. Dr. Cornelia Kolberg-Liedtke, Head of Translational and Clinical Oncology, University Hospital Essen

P.D. Dr. Hans-Christian Kolberg, Head Frauenklinik Marienhospital Bottrop, Academic teaching hospital to the University Essen