Palleos healthcare


Palleos healthcare GmbH is a full-service clinical research organization (CRO) offering services through all phases of clinical development.

Palleos has extensive experience in oncology, especially in breast cancer and investigator sponsored trials. Furthermore, palleos has been audited as sponsor fulfilling all requirements for sponsorship of clinical trials. Phaon has engaged in a strategic alliance with palleos that ranges from early study development to the publication of protocols and includes the execution of Phaon’s clinical trials.

  • Full-service clinical research organization (CRO)
  • Phase I-IV clinical trials and non-interventional studies (NIS)
  • Taking on the role of sponsor for Phaon

Fraunhofer IZI


The Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology IZI investigates and develops solutions to specific challenges at the interfaces of medicine, life sciences and engineering.

Phaon closely cooperates with the Fraunhofer IZI on translational projects. Together they are striven to advance the exploration of immunotherapy in breast cancer. This will help improve patients’ quality of life and their chances of recovery.

  • Conducting contract research for companies
  • Cooperation with Phaon on translational projects
  • Exploration of immunotherapy in breast cancer

International Cooperations


Phaon draws back on a network of international partners to enable multi country studies and research exchanges.

Research activities on an international level are enabled through the study services network of ONE Clinical Trials as well as partnerships with other international study groups.

  • Conducting research on an international level
  • Cooperation with service partners in the EU, North America, and parts of Asia
  • Multi country execution of Phaon study concepts