Turning Ideas

Into Action

Idea Submission


You want to get in touch and submit your idea concerning future clinical trials to Phaon?


Please, have a look at the Idea Submission Process and our “Rules of Engagement for Investigators” below to understand how we work and evaluate your proposal before filling out the Submission Form. 

Idea Submission Process




To enter the process we ask you to download and fill out the form at the bottom of this page. You will receive a confirmation e-mail upon successful completion of submission.




After you have successfully submitted your idea, we will start evaluating.

1. Your proposal will be evaluated within two weeks based on the following criteria:

A) Proposal addresses a medical need

B) Innovative design

C) Clinical feasibility

D) Proposal is within the strategic focus of Phaon

E) Probability of funding




We will contact you within four weeks after submission, if we consider the idea to be reasonable from a medical and an operational point of view, and thus cooperation to be promising.


Synopsis and funding


Funding potential, if needed, will be explored. In case of likelihood of funding, we will expand work towards creating a full synopsis.


Study set-up


In case funding is successfully secured, the study is set up and executed according to the planned time, scope, and budget.