Advancing Medical


Scientific Focus


Breast cancer …

… is the most common cancer among women and one in eight women will eventually be diagnosed with the disease.


… prognosis has improved steadily. However, yet 1 in 10 breast cancer patients die within 5 years after primary diagnosis


… is composed of several (molecularly distinct) subtypes. These subtypes require molecular, personalized and individualized treatment concepts.


… presents with a large number of molecular targets. An increasing number of substances warrant novel scientific approaches to individualized therapy

Innovative clinical research …

… integrates predictive and prognostic biomarkers early on (such as complete cell cycle arrest (CCCA)), static or dynamic expression of individual biomarkers or biomarker panels including immunogenicity, (molecular) imaging and pathological / surgical outcome).


… focuses on modern trial design (such as trials with early response signals, Bayesian statistics and window-of-opportunity-concepts)


… identifies early efficacy signals of new pharmacotherapies and non-pharmacologic interventions both in the curative (neoadjuvant) and non-curative (metastatic) setting.


… may rely on modular Study concepts in which several modules surround a standard neoadjuvant / palliative chemotherapy backbone (Phase-II setting) which may also be translated into a Phase-III setting at a later stage